Michael's Earth 5E

Copperton Remixed



Turin Enatee

Lassenryl of Luna

Ata Anomo



Rartrok “Tree” Atewell

Kalas Typharus

Duren Aralys

Ned Roedei

Cassymmyric & Rallynnvé are the two adolescent, male aquatic elves.

Of the 9 females, one is Lace and one is a tiefling with a face just wrecked with burn scars (I believe I stated she had a face that was garbage, but had a body that could totally haul it; her com is a terrible 6 explained away by the horrible scarring). Of those 9, said tiefling was the only one not used sexually (Charek and Lados would have deduced that over time).

There are in total 14 non-human males of the ex-slaves. Some of them are linked above. There are also two half-elves, two half-orcs, a thadan from Seth-ra, two tieflings (both adolescents).

Both Charek and Lados know that Kalas Typharus was kept under tighter security than the rest of the slaves. He was bound right the fuck up with chains binding him fairly severely at all times when he wasn’t set to working, and when he was working, he had a special guard detail strictly shadowing him and him alone. Additionally, Charek and Lados, from their time working on the barracks, would be well aware how affable Lassenryl and “Tree” are. They are also quite familiar with Sorok, who was, despite his slavery, one of the two foremen of the barracks job, and Sorok has a huge charisma.

Note to GM self: Sean left some men behind to more fully scour the battlefield for goodies once the sun came up. Some of what these men bring back Sean will keep, but he’ll dump into Tabaxi’s lap the rest: 982 flight arrows, one short bow, a dozen light crossbows, a dozen bolt cases, 196 quarrels, four large tents, ten small tents, seventy spears, twenty pikes, a dozen long swords, a dozen short swords, fifty-two shields, 17 chain shirts, 21 studded leather armor, two score leather armor, eight lanterns, a crate of lamp oil (50), three score torches, five flint and steel, sixty soldier packs (bedroll on each). Six mules, three covered wagons loaded with non-perishable food (about 600 days rations all said). None of the gear is pristine, and a lot of it is bloodstained. Each soldier pack contains 20 days of rations.



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