Michael's Earth 5E

So far it’s just Inn Zanity, shattered dreams, and a star ship.

But wait for it…

Zanity is a keep of black stone, seven stories, straddling the Copper River, which spills out in a small waterfall along the keep’s southern edge. There are attached stables. Glassteel windows show the river flowing underneath and offer views of the surrounding hills, including the small plateau. Its only visible entrance (west side) leads to the small ruins of Copperton.

The first floor is a massive common room, with a huge, circular fire pit in the middle, surrounded by the square glassteel windows on the floor. The bar runs along the west wall. Stairs lead to the 2nd floor starting at the northwest corner. The southern wall offers a stunning view outside through the glassteel windows (indistinguishable from stone from the outside) overlooking the small valley below and the waterfall. In the middle of the northern wall is a stout steel door, with a one-way glassteel window that can see the common room. Another identical door is in the northeast corner north wall, leading to the very sizable kitchen, beyond that the pantry, built back into a cliff face, underneath those the cellar, and from there access to the mines. Another door to the common room is next to the entrance door (itself southeast corner), and it leads to the narrow corridor rife with murder holes overlooking the plateau.

Six moar floors and secrets inc…



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