Aklaine Kaumakas


Champion Fighter (18)


Aklaine is entirely a self made man. He is a wrecking ball on the battlefield, an eldritch knight. He is disciplined, a schemer, thinker, inventor, and engineer.

Owns “The Rift” in Orides, an inn/tavern/brothel/armory with a mostly tiefling clientele. He moves a ton of intoxicants and weaponry. He is in Jass Felmar’s good graces, which has been one of his keys to success in Orides. As such, most of his weapon sales are to Orides, and he is very careful about keeping most hard drugs within The Rift, and not flooding the streets.

He is the only source of a signature glowing green hard liquor called Felfire, one of his main cash cows.

He is fiercely libertarian and employs an awful lot of people. He owns two schooners that he typically contracts out to Jass to conduct trade with Seapoint and Easthaven, primarily. His soldiers are known to be dependable, despite being extremely chaotic and bawdy. He’s also on retainer with Orides as a weapons engineer, and was part of a team that redesigned Orides’ fleet of zeppelins.

Aklaine is universally respected among the tieflings of Ravakka. He can guarantee nearly all tiefling votes in Orides to candidates of his choosing.

He’s pragmatic and a long term thinker. He is savvy with politics. He speaks fluent Blingish.

Aklaine is typically unflappable. However, his firstborn daughter was raped and murdered, and Aklaine and his crew immediately went on a wicked torture and murder spree in vengeance that spanned several cities that nearly brought Orides to war with Strongal. Many murdered had it coming, but there were plenty that didn’t. Jass had to personally step in and negotiate a settlement that involved some hefty reparations from Aklaine to a couple wealthy Strongal merchant families (given some of the murders Aklaine was unable to justify), and issued a formal apology to Strongal for his vigilante citizens’ behavior. On the surface it seemed that Jass let it all slide… Not long after the dust settled rumors started spreading that Aklaine was secretly serving as a kind of assassin guild chief for Jass.

Aklaine regrets nothing and has never issued an apology in his life.

He is married to the infamous Kiimalisus, erotic performer extraordinaire.

They have many children together:

Saatus: their murdered firstborn daughter.
Magi: absurdly huge. Rager extraordinaire.
Kelmikas: firstborn son. Devious and rather unhinged. Exiled from Orides.
Ergavia Maldamine: daughter and heir apparent for the family business.
Lados: youngest son (Otaku’s PC).
Seerija: youngest daughter.

Aklaine Kaumakas

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