Bear Barbarian 6


He’s fairly certain his roots are in Salimar. Grew up a slave in Valakis, managed to secure his freedom, then wound up in debt in a big business venture gamble trying to launch a trade security outfit, which led to being indentured, and then a dozen unfortunate events later, wound up a slave to Xoll.

Charek and Lados would be well familiar with his Herculean strength. A few mid-level officers set up games trying to test the limits of Alosa’s physicality. I’m content to state it, as Charek and Lados are witnesses: he’s rocking a 20 Str. For what it’s worth, both Vash and Nelia responded like a ton of bricks the one time it got to their attention that they were abusing and straining Alosa just for the officers’ own cruelty and amusement. Neither commander had any tolerance for that kind of shit out of their soldiers and esp. their subordinate officers.

The ringleader officer of the specific instance of forcing Alosa into a test of strength that Nelia became aware of wound up tied to a post and received thirty lashes by a skilled whipper and a demotion of rank.


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