Ata Anomo

When in doubt, bite your thumb


Assassin Rogue


Born and raised in Airia (Lexla). Horribly racist (somewhat in general, but particularly against the N’Kthlakza). Granted, folks on Earth the world over shudder or enrage at that name, but he grew up not far from where the N’K leave-behind brood dug in like a tick, right in his home country).

His family are merchants. While conducting trade in Dockgate, he was quite drunk and started a bar fight (entirely justified, of course), that led to the death (not by Ata’s hands) of a local young woman from a well off and well connected family. He was imprisoned and enslaved by Xoll. He feels like his father abandoned him to his fate.

He has been particularly rebellious as a slave, and his back is severely scarred from all the lashings he’s suffered the past months.

Ata and Turin spent many a night caged next to one another. Charek and Lados would have picked up on the fact that while Turin was trying to ringlead, again and again, a slave rebellion, it was not without Ata’s consultation.

Update: Lados came at him like death. It will not be forgotten.

Update: The ultraviolence against the 8-Beasts have helped chill him out and get some perspective.

Ng human rogue (+1 all stats)

Assassin Rogue 8 (standard human +1 main 6 stats), guild artisan (leatherworkers/skinners/tanners) 10 + 7*7 = 59


Open minded (except about race), alcoholic, violent, deep (spends a lot of time justifying well his vices), smooth

HP: 59
AC: 17
PB: +3

Expertise, Sneak Attack (4d6), Thieves’ Cant, Cunning Action, Assassin (adv. on attack rolls if target hasn’t attacked yet, and any hit against surprised targets is a crit), Ability bump (dex), Expertise, Evasion, Ability bump (dex)

Skills: acrobatics (exp), sleight of hand (exp), stealth (exp), perception (exp), insight, persuasion
Tools: leatherworker’s tools, thieves’ tools
Languages: Zarran, Airian.

Hit: +8
DMG: d8 + 5; offhand d8.

Two rapiers, studded leather armor, dagger x4, short sword x2.

Ata Anomo

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