Bebedar Goodeye

Ellarie's wizard mentor


Disciplined, stern, humorless, candid, practical, grouchy.


Long time stonemason by trade. He earned his name by his uncanny ability to detect if a thing was level by eyesight.

After the 2nd N’kthlakza invasion, the Granite Council in 801 implemented the Arcane Project, headed by Zan. Citizens were all-but forced to undergo testing for talent at shaping Csaversa. A handful of thadan did indeed have some aptitude for it, and Bebedar was among them. These few became wizard apprentices under Zan’s tutelage.

In a deal worked out b/w Zan and Ghorzia, Bebedar agreed to travel to Bloodhaven to mentor Ellarie in the wizardly arts.

Bebedar Goodeye

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