Bruko "Papi/Pops" Lalay

3/4 St. Nick, 1/4 Aragorn.


Magnificent mapmaker, pony rancher, ranger, gramps. Jovial, kind, loads of fun to children, tempered.

Hunter Ranger 12. Forest gnome.


Adored by all in the little community of Equinox he founded in 865 on 2-30. Runs Lalay’s Prancing Preciouses, a pony ranch he started at the founding of Equinox. His best friend, fellow ranger, and old adventuring companion Retishé Niskellef joined the community in 872. Retishé, with the help of the Lalay family, built The Prancing Pony, the only inn in Equinox.

Bruno is viewed as the saintly grandfather of the community, not just to his family. He has personally delivered nearly every resident of Equinox age 40 and under, including all his grandchildren.

The love of his life died giving birth to his only child, Delewa. Delewa married ranch-hand Willop, and the pair have given Bruko three grandchildren, eldest Olla, a ranger like her grandfather, then Elli Lalay, blessed of Csaea, and just recently the baby boy Evon.

Willop, a gnome of few words and extremely committed to the financial well-being of his hometown, is typically away during the warmest half of the year, driving pony stock and other Equinox trade goods to surrounding communities and selling them. There are many skilled mapmakers, woodcarvers, carpenters, herbalists, and bowyers in the community, thanks to the vast know-how passed on by Bruko and Retishé.

Bruko "Papi/Pops" Lalay

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