orc wizard King of Bloodhaven


Strategy champion three tournaments running, therefore king of Bloodhaven going on 15 years. Skilled brewer and alchemist.

Caed is a loner, eccentric, perpetually bemused by his own thinking, passionately curious about science, philosophy, and magic. He spends every waking moment in research and experimentation, when not doing affairs as head of state. He has delegated most of the day to day duties of the throne to others, particularly Jathuun (Minister of Defense) and his sister Lakni (head of the Trader’s Guild and Minister of Commerce).

Prior to taking the throne, Caed managed to get his hands on Xavier’s (only known son of Dzarkhan) recipe for “Seltran Rush,” a magical, alcoholic, blue-glowing brew that enhances mnemonic performance. Caed continually tweaks the recipe, making it more potent, to the point that it is starting to permanently transform him physically.

He knows an awful lot about the history of the Dzarkhan children, including the family’s sundry artifact weaponry they’ve created. He is intensely interested in Cathexes, Inc., technology, parallel universes, and the philosophy of magic.

He is pen pals with Dr. Bango, the foremost scientist of Blingellum (and the entire world), “inventor” of the world’s first steam engine (based on a design provided by “Heath Cannerdon” of Tiefuun).


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