Goblin rogue entertainer (jester).

High strung. On the autism spectrum. He’s plateaued emotionally equivalent to app. a human boy of 11. Unflappably curious. Desperate for love. Rather cowardly, but it can be overcome if in defense of a loved one.


Jykpog’s goblin tribe was raided and mostly murdered by a bugbear tribe. Some of the women and children were enslaved. Jykpog’s parents were murdered, and he, his older sister Brikkabok, and oldest brother Boktrok were all enslaved. Jykpog’s ability on the flute, and his silliness in performance, earned him a special status as a slave to the bugbears (but it was still a brutal experience).

When the young female green dragon Kryzzyntynoza (Kriz’zin’ti’noza) was driven out of Ghan’Thadarunn and into the foothills of Blingellum, she was steaming mad and rampaging. The bugbear clan that had Jykpog enslaved fled the wrath of the young dragon, leaving their home turf to press deeper into the Fecksly Forest. During the move, Jykpog managed to escape, leaving his beloved pet rat Squee behind, along with his sort of beloved sister and hated brother.

Jykpog is not very courageous, and is terrified of being enslaved again. He is a hopeless romantic, desperate for smiles and laughs from his performances, and is fanatically loyal to anyone who is nice to him (which, to date, has been only Squee). He’s not very reliable, despite his best intentions.

He doesn’t need a home to feel content. He just wants to see the next new wonderful thing. He’s been beset by wanderlust his whole life, and now that his family is dead and he is free thanks to the Lalay gnome family, it will be difficult for him to stay in any rural/boring/too quiet setting for long.

So far he has really become attached to Elli Lalay. He considers her his BFF. He’s essentially her henchman at this time.


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