Kalas Typharus

Um... uh oh.


Basically a monster. Eldritch Knight variant.


Both Charek and Lados know that Kalas Typharus was kept under tighter security than the rest of the slaves. He was bound right the fuck up with chains binding him fairly severely at all times when he wasn’t set to working, and when he was working, he had a special guard detail strictly shadowing him and him alone. Additionally, Charek and Lados, from their time working on the barracks, would be well aware how affable Lassenryl and “Tree” are. They are also quite familiar with Sorok, who was, despite his slavery, one of the two foremen of the barracks job, and Sorok has a huge charisma.

He never had anything to say to anyone. Agitators trying to implement a slave rebellion assumed that he was a key, but were stymied by silence the couple of times they approached Kalas with plans.

He’s got a way of just barely putting one corner of his mouth into a knowing barely-smirk that’s fairly infuriating and unsettling, accompanied by his silence and dead eyes. He puts the capital I in Introvert.

Kalas Typharus

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