Lacie Cappettio.


Wild sorceress 1. 9/7/14/11/12/18/12/4 (human variant with spell sniper feat)

Cantrips: acid splash, mending, eldritch blast (from feat)
1st slots: 2
Mage Armor, Witch Bolt


Dryn needs to die.

Lace is not a violent person. She just wants quiet and solitude — a boring, wholesome life. She wants to be loved and raise children. She is skilled on bongos (drums) and an excellent cook. She is reticent, has absolute trash for self-confidence/esteem, and misses her former master, who, despite the oddness of it all, she legit grew to love, and deeply. She has a subtle but powerful distaste for those who wield power over or manipulate others, and the irony of that concerning her love for and grief over her former master is very lost on her.

More info on her: see her younger brother Tronus Cappettio.

Update: She’s level 4 (see sheet), feels safe(ish) around Charek.

Update: She and Tronus had an epic fight, and shortly after she offered herself to Charek, who didn’t turn her down. Post coitus, Lace is going to be a permanent henchman of Charek unless something changes it.


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