Lados Kaumakas

Otaku's tiefling fighter


Champion Fighter, always mistaken by strangers for a draenei in Athalgard.


Youngest son of Aklaine Kaumakas.

When Zan brought Lados back to Orides to meet with his dad, he was pretty worried about talking to him about losing the gifted pearl-inlay revolver.

Instead Aklaine gifted him two more revolvers, 2 holsters, 4 belts (450 rounds ammo), and a silver-gilded steel watch from Bling. He told his son that he was now technically a knight under Mr. Felmar’s (see Jass Felmar) banner, and Mr. Felmar was at war, head been, will be, for some time to come.

Revolver: 2d8 piercing, ammunition; 40/120; reload (6 shots).


Lados Kaumakas

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