... and the wind cries, "fuck em."


Withdrawn, grounded, intense, moody, impulsive.


A rare orc druid, wild shaper extraordinaire. Spends an awful lot of time as an animal, among animals (with a preference for flying animals), in permanent walkabout around the mountains of The Spine. She is the 2nd daughter of Krosha, who is the sister of Caed and Lakni. Ghorzia tapped the very dubious Marouxi, via Lakni, to mentor Rhavaniel in the ways of the wilds. They surprisingly got along rather famously, as they had little need to talk to one another. They spent a year surviving the wilds of the deepest unsettled areas of The Spine, entirely severed from civilization. Rhavaniel learned much about living off the land from Marouxi, especially in the unfriendly mountainous wilds of The Spine.


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