Tabaxi is a Female Lunar Elf Ranger. Adept in the ways of the forest, she is committed to protecting her forest from encroachment. The cover of night, under the Stars of the Lady Luna is her comfort. The Lady of Night provides all she needs.


Str 12 Dex 20 Con 14 Wis 16 Int 10 Chr 12 Luck 16 Com 10
HP 12 AC 12/16/18 Initiative +4 Speed 35
Weapons Long Bow (prof + Dex) +6 +4 Short Sword (Prof + Dex) +6 +4
Armor: Studded Leather 12 Shield (in melee) +2 Dex +4
Outlander background.
Age 108 Ht 66in Weight: 122 Hair: Black Skin Copperish in tone Eyes Green
Lunar Jaguar: Kruba Follower of Aura


Born Sateria Moonshadow, this young elf has had a hard life. She was barely 3 when the forces of N’Kthlakza invaded her homeland. Her mother, Ecrafria, was a Druid in the land and worked hard instilling a love of nature in her daughter. Her mother was also of the Lunar Elf Bloodline and the blood of the Lunar Jaguar coursed through her veins. Her Father, Faeolnir Moonshadow, was a Ranger, guarding the forest. He taught her the ways of the bow and hunting. After the war, her parents worked to repair the damage done by the invaders and to hunt down the last of the broods.
When She was barely 36 the Orcs from the north began probing into the forest in a bloody rampage. Both parents were killed defending the grove against the invasion. Her mother’s cousin, Lahoré Soulvine, a member of the of the Celestra guard, continued her instruction and still looks in on the young lunar elf from time to time. She continued to follow the ways of her father and honed her skills, especially her growing skill in stealth owing to the Jaguar blood that coursed through her veins.
She used her keen senses of smell, eyesight, and hearing to find the smallest clues of the passage of enemies. Her martial skills served her in hunting down the stragglers of the invading orc army, and the rampaging human brigands who took advantage of the breakdown on her society. She developed a loathing of both of these races and will go to great lengths to hunt them down and rid her beloved forest of their presence.
To the common folk in the area she often is tasked with patrolling, she became somewhat of a minor celebrity. To the country folk here bouts she is the Tabaxi. The forest spirit of retribution. Though she isn’t doing this for the people in all honesty, and she rarely accepts their kindness, she does love the name. For the last 20 years it has been the only name she has gone by. Her stand offish attitude and brusque attitude with those she encounters has, rather than turned the local against her, has enhanced her reputation among them. The rip of her roars during the full moon engender comfort in the locals, ensuring them their forests are free of truly evil spirits.
Of her past life, the only memento she has is a copper pot from her mother. Capable of holding a six quarts, she has an almost religious devotion to it. It must be cleaned and wrapped after every use and no one else can use it for cooking. It is often in her lap during her trance sleep, a well into her dream world is how she describes this object.
Tabaxi inherited something else from her mother. An uncanny agility and grace. Some claim it comes from the lineage of Jaguars in her blood. Her keen sense of smell is often her first inkling of danger or the presence of other humanoids in the area. To her humans smell almost as bad at the hated Orcs who’ve ravaged the land. Even at a normal walk she is able to move through the woods almost without trace of sign due to her affinity with the forest and her natural grace. Her years in the forest as a guide and hunter have toughened her sinews and fortified her constitution. She often jokes with herself that only her unusual luck, the only gift of her father’s, is the only thing that has kept her alive this long. Many times she has been spared by ducking at just the right time or landing in just the right spot to avoid injury or detection.
The forest provides nearly all she needs. Food, drink, shelter and protection. She normally barters with others who haunt the back places in the forest for the simple needs of her life. Either that, or by pillaging the bodies of those who dared cross her path. She has rarely resorted to sword and shield in fighting. She’d rather climb a tall tree and feather an opponent from her harp of death. Her trusted long bow.
Despite her free spirit and loner ways, she does understand the importance of cooperation to maintain group effectiveness. When working with others she willingly follows orders as long as they are not insane or doomed to failure. She understands that success in battle isn’t always a personal thing. Good plans, well executed are amazing at delivering positive results.
As is the case with most of the Lunar Elf Rangers Tabaxi in most at home in the dark woods of her beloved Lunar Lady. The night is belongs to the Rangers of Celstra. The stars and moon provide the only roof she needs. Most consider her a bit of an Outlander. More at home in the forests of the Lady of the Night than under the graceful arches of elven dwellings. She is a noted cartographer. Her eye for terrain and landmarks allows her to create remarkably accurate maps to assist others in protecting the land.
She sprinkles her sentences with words of her local dialect. She often gives companions nicknames (these are often rather crude or insulting). She also curses profusely in her native tounge.


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