Tronus Cappettio


9 10 18 16 14 12 10 14

Human feat variant; (Divine) magic initiate (cleric)
- cure wounds
- sacred flame (variant, sacred shock — electrical instead of fire dmg), resistance

wizard 1

HP: 10
AC: 10(13)
PB: +2

cantrips: message, shocking grasp, ray of frost.
1st prepared: shield, mage armor, magic missile, detect magic.
2 1st slots.

Spellbook currently gone, so can’t alter prepared list.


From Tothany. Needs Dryn dead.

Father was a degenerate gambler, roots in Valakis. Mother had roots in Tothland.

When Tronus was 7 and Lacie was 9 (He’s 22 in 905), his father, owing a ton of money and life on the line, came home in a stone cold brown study, snatched up his kids, told them they had to go. His wife obviously took umbrage. She screamed at him, he got violent, she grabbed up a knife, and they brawled. He wound up bloody from stabs, but he choked her to death in front of the kids, and traded his kids off to be slaves to pay off his debt.

Tronus and Lacie were promptly shipped off to Xoll to the slave market.

The siblings got fairly lucky in who bought them, a prominent family with a magistrate patriarch, Sennerus Yunlorr. S. Yunlorr saw a lot of potential in Tronus. The patriarch initially got Tronus placed as an acolyte in the militant church of Qivos, an environment extremely disagreeable to Tronus. Ultimately Yunlorr extracted Tronus from Qivosian obligations and placed him as a pupil to the old magistrate’s male lover, a very flamboyant and feminine enchanter wizard.

Sennerus was pansexual. He was intimate with both siblings (and so, so many others), in a very loving manner.

Early in 904, Sennerus died (heart failure). Much to the family’s chagrin, the man left the family deeply in debt to Morguestorm. Tronus and Lacie were promptly seized as a small part of debt owed to Morguestorm, who in turn gave ownership to Dryn. It is common practice for Xoll to reward its efficacious officers with slaves as bonuses on top of their salary.

Tronus wouldn’t mind finding his father alone in a dark alley some day. But far more pressing is Dryn, who is a sadistic shitbag and has spent many a night doing unspeakable things to Lacie.

Tronus is vengeful, tempestuous, manic, self-centered (most of his interactions either wind up with Tronus spouting off anecdotes about his life or more likely into some convoluted story about epic tales of yore), protective of his sister, rebellious, and can’t help himself about rattling off rapid-fire, meandering history lessons. His sundry time spent under Sennerus, his wizard mentor Kalynus, and as an acolyte of Qivos, all coupled with his book worminess, has landed him a fairly impressive grasp on history, but he basically has ADD and is manic, as mentioned, so when he gets going, it’s just one damn tangent after another, he’ll go 90 to nothing and cover 20 topics in ten minutes. But the man can seriously rattle off some facts.

Tronus Cappettio

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