Michael's Earth 5E

The Dragon
Can't let it rest...

Nourynsyllvella: Mature adult female copper in the Copper Hills near Copperton. Killed by Azraea in original timeline.

Covverkensummadell: Young male copper, offspring of Nouryn, commonly called Covver. Killed by Azraea in original timeline.


Brother: Rynshko
Sister: Kynshi



Saztevil the Stupendous
Elli Elli Elli Elli El Elli Elli Elli
Bloody the Imperial Dragon
Always superfluous, bloodshed...

Legion XXVIII split in two. The smaller force, led by Vash Steen, is heading to Copperton. Nelia is taking the rest of her legion to Bootheel Pass.

1,500 soldiers, 2 storm sorcerers, 10 tempest priests, 20 blue dragonborn berserkers. 120 or so slaves, including PC half orc and tiefling slaves are under Steen’s command.

Lados’ father Aklaine Kaumakas gave him a gorgeous .44 six-shooter, way ahead of its time, with pearl inlay handle and 300 rounds. I’m sure he intends one day to find that weapon, seized from him when he was enslaved by Xoll.

Charek grows ever more impatient hoping his mother gets word of his plight, assuming her family connections might get him out of the frying pan.

Celestra, Selendorr, the Jaqmoori, and basically the global order of the druids have declared war on Xoll. Elves the world over hate Xoll at this point.

Three Age of Magic airspheres drop 300 wood elves (one a PC, Tabaxi) and a litany of overpowered individuals (mostly druids) while Steen’s forces are camping at night.

Session start: 2 A.M. 03/15/905. Group luck save: 3 (before mods). On the board: A large tent (inside, Dryn and Lace). Dryn’s covered wagon. Dryn’s covered slave wagon (containing PC and the two others, Vellus and Tronus). A campfire circled by 5 soldiers, all human. A blue dragonborn with a great axe patrols close. Vash Steen’s part of the long encamped column is just to the south of Dryn’s. Dryn’s 2 donkeys are tethered nearby.

Dryn’s campsite was the point of the column. The night is overcast, windy, cold (about 40 degrees with a nasty wind chill).

Luna is full on the 22nd.

Mac controls Tronus, Chris controls Lace, Otaku controls Vellus, Allison controls Connor.

Meanwhile, to the north, past the Xoll sentries and the wood elves silently getting in place for ambush, Allison’s bard is out on an all-night tear of wining and flirting with Connor. Half drunk, the two are having a very dangerous horse race down the trail they are both intimately familiar with, when they ride smack into 5 blue dragonborn wearing the imperial purple dragon tunic of Xoll’s legions.

It Begins
... just a little road trip...

One fiendish empire, 6 countries, 21 towns/cities, oh my.

Whatever happened to Gainras?



Severe storm delays travel plans ’til after noon. Come 1:00 or so, as they are approaching the eastern side of Bloodhaven, they come across a pugilist match in a side alley, with a big crowd assembled. Arota Serpentfist is one of the two fighters on a small stage next to a tavern. Suddenly a roc swoops into the city and talons a horse to death and severely injures its orc soldier rider (round 1, hovering). Next round (orc rider on 19 initiative, roc on 12) orc rider leaps off horse onto the ground, roc flies away.

Roc: 283 hp, AC 15, 120’ fly sp.

Update: Rhavaniel’s fumble luck save changed all this… :( I swear I don’t go out of my way to kill PC horses. I swear…

Under the distraction of the roc attack, Soy picks Ellarie’s pocket (21 DC) unless she is not conveniently situated (being the richer-seeming of the 2 women). Arota notices (24). Hyper Nationalist Arota is prejudiced against Soy in particular (no love lost toward the late, foreign Master Wu and his drug imports), aware that Soy was employed by Wu for some time, and she despises thieves in general. Arota will definitely call Soy out, and Soy will beg for his life best as able. If PCs manage to spare Soy his hand being hacked off, he will do his best to hench out to them (whoever most pulled to save him gets first option to run him).

((yeah, that was the plan. Obviously those involved are all too aware of how things actually played out…

(Joslu Chertrax and Phendin Medilla event)

Dragon's Crossing
Fuck the book, collect the shit.

Small community that caters to providing services to traders coming to and from Xoll. Most of Xoll’s land trade to the north and east passes through Dragon’s Crossing, typically just called the Crossing.

It has one inn, Twilight’s Revenge, placed on the corner of the intersection of the Imperial Road, diverging north to Strongal, and Jangle Way, pushing east to Lathesia. The inn has a massive firepit in the middle of the common room, and no bar, no stage. One of the walls is floor to ceiling with old kegs.



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