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  • Kendo Graybreeze

    Grandson of "Inda Graybreeze":https://the-earth.obsidianportal.com/characters/inda-graybreeze of Luck (though he did most his soldiering in Aswop up 'til the war, ultimately becoming sheriff), widely hailed by Ne'Vun as the greatest hero of the lost war …

  • Indigo Graybreeze

    Indigo's wanted to do a global walkabout her entire life, but until Ne'Vu regains its independence, that plan is on hold. She's a cartographer. She's blunt, a cynic, has no patience for selfishness, and is rather anti-social. Hunter Ranger 8

  • Cottar Longpipe

    3rd eldest son of Bainswik Longpipe, "mayor" of Bainswik's Post, a trading post turned halfling refugee town. The Graybreezes don't think very highly of the Longpipes and vice versa.

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