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  • Agazar

    Morguestorm's not dead, but Agazar's army of undead is getting out of control in Xoll and Morguestorm lost about half of his living forces. Morguestorm makes Agazar Lord of Xoll. The fate of Allo is unknown. Just a couple of liches trying to get her …

  • Cyn

    More "here":https://the-earth.obsidianportal.com/characters/lady-cyn. Sister of [[:aravella | Aravella]].

  • Vyzmyll

    See "here":https://the-earth.obsidianportal.com/characters/vyzmyll. In the days following the nuking of Xoll, she becomes undisputed Queen of Necros. "The Shadow Dragon":https://the-earth.obsidianportal.com/wikis/dragons pledges fealty.

  • Phaerus Mousalle

    After he fled his holdings in Athalgard on the heels of [[:prism | Prism]]'s turning him Savant to save him from the plague, and realizing quickly The Purple Dragon exiled all vampires, he very carefully slipped himself into Necros high society. He …

  • Shenza Vonyx

    The Vonyx family used to be one of the wealthiest, most powerful houses in Necros. No longer.

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