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  • Vorelothar

    White dragonborn ice priest -- raised in part by [[:yvarra-dralmoth | Yvara Dralmoth]] and her crew alongside Jade.

  • Jordan Dralmoth

    Great-granddaughter of Gordan and Usara, younger sister by 4 years to [[:yvarra-dralmoth | Yvarra Dralmoth]]. Captain of the infamous _Ruby Key_.

  • Flint Westtimber

    One of Yvara's main soldiers in Darkhaven. Has little mind to hit the high seas. Has a large hand in the training of up and comers under Yvara's command. He's often the decider on what marks the River Rum's staff are supposed to prey on. He's also the …

  • Chanel Divinity

    House bard for The Rum River. Androgynous to the max, fabulous, kind, caring, thoughtful, and keen on making the rough trades around her question their sexuality. [[:yvarra-dralmoth | Yvara Dralmoth]] is fond of her in a unique, nonsexual way, and it is …

  • Zendakai "Dreadheart"

    Rumored to have made a dark pact with Vey'Ghul. Died in the Gnomish Troubles, but death was not his end. His hometown was never properly rebuilt, and the ruins became known as Dreadmar, named after Zendakai, home to the Dreadhearted and his undead …

  • Kate Shanker

    Pirate admiral legendary for her temper. Little occurs in Highwatch Point that she is not aware of.

  • Yendrin Barrok

    Third son of Horace Barrok, owner of Barrok's Brewery, the most successful brewery in Darkhaven. He's [[:yvarra-dralmoth | Yvara Dralmoth]]'s go-to honeypot agent when a female mark needs to be seduced/milked.

  • Bart the Bastard

    Served in the Strongal navy in his youth. Has a lot of contacts in Port Durst. Imports a lot of tobacco and iron into Oldungannon. He's one of the bosses of Darkhaven. He owns a seedy tavern in Darkhaven, The End Hook, as well as Bart's Arms, a weapon …

  • Mr. Graki

    Retired pirate admiral. One of the bosses of Darkhaven. Often frequents his general goods store, Mr. Graki's Sundries.

  • Mortimer Manstar

    Unabashedly cruel, arrogant, and manipulative. Captains the _Manstar_. Sycophantically servile to Xokezzivyn. So, so easy to hate, and he thrives on it.

  • Minerva Redlace

    Sole heiress to the Redlace Textile empire, an only child. Her parents died from a poisoned meal. She sold her family holdings entirely to Xokezzivyn and accepted her post as tax collector, which includes the protection graft once paid to her family. …

  • The Bedlam Bards

    Father Otis and son Miles. They are terribly friendly, and great pickers, but they also argue with each other incessantly (usually in a good-natured manner) when not playing tunes together.

  • Torgra Wildheart

    Her village was raided, she was enslaved when she was very young. She ultimately slew the captain that enslaved her and took over his ship, then willingly joined [[:yvarra-dralmoth | Yvara Dralmoth]]'s fleet. Torgra's crew is pretty green. She's …

  • Falcon Xintellus

    He and his crew are basically retired. He's perhaps Yvara's closest, most trusted confidant. Falcon's family ties to Yvara's family go back to the days of a young Gordan. Falcon is close friends with [[:mr-graki | Mr. Graki]], a relationship that …

  • Shanina Conway

    Her husband, the former captain of her ship, Ordravius Conway, just recently met his end. Shanina was his first mate and was appointed captain by Yvara. Her battle prowess is a little dubious, but her crew approves of her for the most part, and she …

  • Wesley "the Wraith" Belltower

    Nobody other than Yvara knows fuck-all about him, even his own crew. Yvara recognizes and has come to rely on his tactical genius. He is a caster of note, and the legend of his fireball has crept out around Oldungannon.

  • Jenny Freakeyes

    Sometimes her eyes will start to glow, roll back in her head, and she'll go into prophecy mode. She doesn't remember what she does when this happens. She's not *really* a pirate. Her ship is usually involved in transport and trade runs, or kept in …

  • Harold the Whisperer

    His ship is more of a garrison and trade ship than a pirate ship. His crew is relatively untested in combat. He's been instrumental in landing some big trade deals for Yvara with Orides, Eastpoint, Seahaven, Jarton, and Magdonnar. He has secured tight …

  • Mara

    Another foster-child of Yvara... Yvara has always favored her, which perhaps fueled Mara's recklessness.

  • Rokar Dunebar

    Rokar is the main landlocked soldier under Yvara, and is the head bouncer at The Rum River. He supplements the training given by Flint of up and comers under Yvara, but he's strictly a warrior. He is basically the #2 under Flint when Yvara and Iris are …

  • Felyssa Ravensby

    Bartender and sometime whore for The Rum River. She is available only to very select customers, and for a very high price. She is rather obsessively in love with [[:wesley-the-wraith-belltower | Wesley "the Wraith" Belltower]]. She is putty in his …

  • Xyrina Beskimi

    She's been trained in the warrior's ways. She's also pretty slick musically, and sometimes performs with [[:chanel-divinity | Chanel]] and The [[:the-bedlam-bards | Bedlam Bards]]. Sight of blood makes her ill, and she's mostly a pacifist because of it. …

  • Bargrus

    [[:bart-the-bastard | Bart the Bastard]]'s oldest son and heir apparent to Bart's little empire. Bart's been hard on him, even sadisticly cruel, but Bargrus has more or less thrived on it and grown into quite a cruel bastard in his own right. Bargrus is …

  • Malonnar

    The Great Diffuser. Not the violent sort. His charm is well utilized by Bart, just as his body has many a time been a meatbag to beat on by Bart and Bargrus.

  • Evan

    A mutual hatred exits b/w Evan and his father, Bart the Bastard. He ran away from Darkhaven when he was twelve. He wound up settling at Talon Point, and serves as a folk hero guardian of that community. His mother was a whore that Bart knocked up. …

  • Raufmyn

    His mother Kaymyn was a sorceress, as is he. She was part of Bart's crew, legendary for her beauty and ruthlessness. She died last year, a longtime sufferer of tuberculosis. There is an impressive painting of her wielding fire magic hung up in The End …

  • Felicity Rothslin

    In a long term relationship with [[:malonnar | Malonnar]]. Malonnar often plays music at the tavern with her. She collects minerals & gems.

  • Teagan "Deathfuck" Thompson

    Her roots are in Tothland, and she speaks a harshly accented mix of Tothlander and cant-infused Zarran. She tends to fling around words from all three languages, and can be difficult to understand at times for people not fluent in all three tongues. …

  • Kun Bao

    Her father Li is a tattoo artist that operates out of the temple of the Twins, which also serves as an opium den.

  • Dorran Barrok

    2nd Barrok son (father Horace runs Barrok's Brewery). Disowned by the family. Serves as the primary thug for Bart's outfit in Darkhaven.

  • Marco Dalidango

    Orphan who ultimately became a tough for Bart. Suffers frequent abuse by [[:bargrus | Bargrus]], who gave him his "Meat Puppet" nickname.

  • Ordra Besune

    Bart the Bastard's cousin, and also his accountant. Helps oversee his inn and other business interests. Sort of a foster mother figure to Bart's children.

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