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  • Orides

    For a snapshot of the town at the late 8th century, see "here...":https://the-earth.obsidianportal.com/wikis/orides Today, it is a powerful city-state Republic carefully overseen by [[:jass-felmar | Jass Felmar]]. It is now a sprawling city home to …

  • Aklaine Kaumakas

    Aklaine is entirely a self made man. He is a wrecking ball on the battlefield, an eldritch knight. He is disciplined, a schemer, thinker, inventor, and engineer. Owns "The Rift" in Orides, an inn/tavern/brothel/armory with a mostly tiefling …

  • Magi Kaumakas

    Eldest living daughter of [[:aklaine-kaumakas | Aklaine Kaumakas]]. She lives to fight. She hopes to be champion of the Fane of Blood some day. Despite her father's best efforts, she lacks his discipline and mind for tactics (she's a barbarian). …

  • Kelmikas Kaumakas

    Eldest son of [[:aklaine-kaumakas | Aklaine Kaumakas]]. He's more or less a disappointment to his parents. He's a sorcerer with a penchant for fire magic. He is unruly, rather unhinged, and an addict. He developed a hell of a rap sheet in …

  • Ergavia Maldamine Kaumakas

    Daughter of [[:aklaine-kaumakas | Aklaine Kaumakas]]. Given Kel's failure to show any wherewithal to eventually manage the family business, Ergavia has become the heir apparent to do so. She is disciplined, soft spoken, and patient.

  • Seerija

    Seerija is a gentle soul who has no business in a fight. She is a budding literary titan: poet, playwright, author. She is the youngest daughter of [[:aklaine-kaumakas | Aklaine Kaumakas]].

  • Kiimalisus Kaumakas

    Wife of [[:aklaine-kaumakas | Aklaine Kaumakas]]. She's achieved international fame for her work on stage of The Rift. Her origin story is a mystery. Many wonder if she's technically even a tiefling at all...

  • Lados Kaumakas

    Youngest son of [[:aklaine-kaumakas | Aklaine Kaumakas]]. When Zan brought Lados back to Orides to meet with his dad, he was pretty worried about talking to him about losing the gifted pearl-inlay revolver. Instead Aklaine gifted him two more …

  • Jass Felmar

    See "here":https://the-earth.obsidianportal.com/characters/jass-felmer. Couldn't imagine the Senate of Orides doing anything Felmar doesn't approve. [[Ninth Century | Ninth Century]] really aged the man.

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