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  • Races

    *Dwarf* We call them Thadan, not dwarves. Hill dwarf = Seth-ra Thadan Mountain dwarf = Ghan'Thadarunn Thadan Grun'Chang = +2 con; +1 wis; advantage on saves vs. magic; matriarchal society leans hard Le. You either serve the Matriarch or will …

  • Priests and Religion

    I assume one of first supplemental books to be published for 5E will be an expanded holy-related book opening up more domains / variety for clerics. As is, there is just Knowledge (Kezza), Life (Chrizove/Csaea), Light (Dawn), Nature (Melivel√©/Csaea), …

  • House Rules

    *Official:* Only those of Csaea and Tru can cast _zone of truth_. Lucky feat requires a 16 luck or higher. Weapon Master feat required to pick up C, I gun/grenade skills, etc. Until official >20 manuals come out, I'm going to cap classes at …

  • Actions Breakdown

    [[File:443822 | class=media-item-align-none | 11052235_10206948315533013_1999383618216910077_o.jpg]]

  • Firearms

    Revolver: 2d8 piercing, ammunition; 40/120; reload (6 shots) Blaster: d30 force (30s explode), ammunition; 60/600; reload (30). Weight: 15 lbs. Batteries weigh .2 lbs each.

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