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  • Olli Northwick

    Jovial, chivalrous, mischievous captain of _The Sea Wolf_. He comes from a long, long line of candlemakers of Strongal. Second eldest son himself, he abandoned the family trade and joined the Strongal navy at the ripe age of 15. Not reticent …

  • Lucas Smith

    Not very well liked by the crew, and yet he is deeply respected/feared. Olli favors his calculated opinions. He's got quite a reputation as a cold-blooded killer. He is the machiavellian voice that serves constant counter-point to ensure payday against …

  • Holly Northwick

    Eldest offspring of Grace and Olli. Her younger brother is Donal. Her conciliatory voice of reason is often the oil that keeps _The Sea Wolf_ firing on all pistons, a constant reminder that it's the family of _The Sea Wolf_ vs. all. Her father …

  • Lanril Braxby

    Everyone calls him Braxby. Olli calls him Mr. Braxby. As loyal as they come to Olli, who likes to tell the story of how Braxby saved his life on a foolhardy pirating mission, the last _The Sea Wolf_ ever participated in.

  • Fernando

    Rumor has it he's got noble blood of Charnos coursing through his veins. He's unflappable, owes Olli his freedom, and has given his vow to serve Olli 'til death parts them.

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