PC Special Abilities

Ellarie Millwraith (Vey’Ghul, Ukula, Qivos, Or’Dukall, Flairra DNA).

+2 int, +1 cha, + 1 com, -2 luck

Raised ability caps: 24 int, 22 cha, 22 com.

- Tentacles: can form from torso as bonus action a black, leathery tentacle up to 10’ long, or 2 small ones no more than 5’ long. With tentacles formed, +4 on grapple checks, +2 on intimidation checks, +1 on acrobatics checks. A single large tentacle can attack as a bonus action (not when spellcasting), follows whip stats (1d4, finesse, reach). Tentacles can stay formed 10 minutes per con point per day.

- Charm person once per day by will, must have eye contact. Per spell except duration is 10 minutes per character level.


- favored by Aura. Different than “Favored of Aura.”

- for better or worse, was left thinking Starfire is his birthright. Thanks, Daiyu.

Vanish (Tru DNA, once removed)

+1 int, +1 wis, -1 luck

Raised ability caps: 22 int, 22 wis.

- Sense lie: When any lie is uttered in his presence, he gets a d20 roll, adds his character level and wisdom mod against liar’s roll + charisma mod + level. Rolls are done by GM in secret.

- Lifeknowledge is always a prepared spell.

Priest 1
Comp: V, S
Casting time: 1 action
AoE: 1 creature
Save: Wisdom

Reveals age of target creature. Reveals number, age(s), and gender(s) of target creature’s living offspring and immediate ancestors.

Rhavaniel (Hierophant DNA)

- May cast either entangle or barkskin once per day as a bonus spell.

Jade, daughter of Magdon & Prism: (7-30-799 born, alt timeline 1)

+2 con, +1 dex, -1 luck. Raised ability caps: 24 con, 22 dex.

- Can sense magic. It’s similar to detect magic, but only as far as power level, not details like history or spheres or the like.

- +2 on checks with Thieves’ Tools.

PC Special Abilities

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