Priests and Religion

I assume one of first supplemental books to be published for 5E will be an expanded holy-related book opening up more domains / variety for clerics.

As is, there is just Knowledge (Kezza), Life (Chrizove/Csaea), Light (Dawn), Nature (Melivelé/Csaea), Tempest (Qivos), Trickery (Feyzura), and War (D’Khaz). DMG pg. 96 has Death domain clerics, which fits Vey’Ghul perfectly. They also have Oathbreaker paladins, which would fit Xu’Dann well and possibly others. See this site that includes .pdfs for homebrew domains. Site includes Air (Or’Dukall), Animals (Csaea), Charm (Vey’Ghul or Feyzura), Death (Vey’Ghul), Crafts (Thadar), Darkness (Vey’Ghul or Aura), Earth (Thadar), Fate (Dusk), Fire (Flairra), Illusion (Feyzura), Magic (Cro), Moon (Aura), Plants (Csaea or WuDeb), Protection (Chrizove), Revenge (Rhithain), Slime (Ukula maybe), Stars (Aura), Strength (Goringall), Suffering (Xu’Dann), Trade (Glimmerdin), Travel (Aura), Water (WuDeb). The Death one is not the same as the one from the DMG. I saved the .pdfs in case the site goes down ever.

Players considering clerics feel free to design your own domain and throw it at me.


Fire/Heat Domain

Domain spells
‎1: burning hands, searing smite
‎3: flame blade, heat metal
‎5: elemental weapon (fire), fireball
‎7: conjure minor elemental (fire), wall of fire
‎9: flame strike, channel flame
‎1st level — bonus cantrip, produce flame.‎
‎1st Level – You can turn Water Creatures with your Turn Undead ability.‎
‎2nd Level – Channel Divinity: Sculpt Spells. This is the same as the Wizard Evocation ability found on page ‎‎117 of the PHB. ‎
‎6th level — Resistant to fire.
‎8th level — Divine Strike (fire). ‎
‎17th level — Inferno Aura. Bonus action. 5’ radius, concentration up to a minute, 4d6 damage, doesn’t differentiate ‎b/w friend/foe, Dex save for half dmg, caster resistant to cold. ‎


Cold/Ice Domain

Domain spells
‎1: ray of frost, freezing hands (see burning hands, but cold dmg, can extinguish small fires)‎
‎3: fog cloud, skin freeze (does 2d4 dmg and Con save or paralyzed for 1d2 rounds, each slot higher adds ‎‎1d4 dmg and another round of paralysis)‎
‎5: sleet storm, water walk (leaves frozen footprints on water)‎
‎7: ice storm, misty step
‎9: cone of cold, channel ice (counterpart to channel flame)‎

‎1st level — bonus cantrip, chill touch
‎1st Level – You can turn Fire Creatures with your Turn Undead ability.‎
‎‎2nd Level – Channel Divinity: Sculpt Spells. This is the same as the Wizard Evocation ability found on page ‎‎117 of the PHB. ‎
for 1 minute per Cleric level‎
‎6th level — Resistant to cold.
‎8th level — Divine Strike (cold).
‎17th level — Icecraft: Can create objects of ice in a 10×10×10 cube per level. It can be a single object, or up ‎to one different object per level. A wall, a stairway, a small ice house, multiple weapons of ice, etc. ‎Objects last an hour per level, subject to faster melting by high heat. Range 120’.


Thieving/Raiding/Pirating Domain (must choose water or land based)‎
Domain spells
‎1: Water: hunter’s mark, detect magic; Land: disguise self, detect magic
‎3: Water: locate object, silence; Land: pass without trace, locate object
‎5: Water: water walk, tongues; Land: nondetection, tongues
‎7: freedom of movement, locate creature
‎9: legend lore, seeming
‎1st level — bonus proficiency: thieves’ tools.‎
‎1st level — bonus cantrip: guidance.‎
‎2nd Level – Channel Divinity: Tortuous Compulsion. Wis save or be compelled to confess the truth about ‎one specific question.‎
‎6th level — Expertise in two skills. ‎
‎8th level — Divine Strike (same dmg type as wpn).
‎17th level — Thief’s Reflexes: same as thief (rogue) ability of same level.‎

Xu’Dann (Chaos Domain)

Domain spells

‎1: color spray, dissonant whispers
‎3: locate object, shatter
‎5: blink, protection from energy
‎7: confusion, dimension door
‎9: destructive psychic wave (as destructive wave, except Wis save and psychic/force damage), modify ‎memory

‎1st level — resistant to psychic damage sources for a number of times equal wisdom modifier per long rest.‎

‎2nd Level – Channel Divinity: As if Xu’Dann would allow this. Instead, gain the wild magic surge effect from ‎wild sorcerers. ‎

‎6th level — Single target confusion that can be cast with a bonus action. ‎

‎8th level — Divine Strike (psychic damage)‎

‎17th level — Confusion spell no longer requires concentration and can be cast by force of will. ‎

Priests and Religion

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