Bart the Bastard

Quite a bastard


Shrewd, cruel, bold, blunt, greedy.


Served in the Strongal navy in his youth. Has a lot of contacts in Port Durst. Imports a lot of tobacco and iron into Oldungannon. He’s one of the bosses of Darkhaven. He owns a seedy tavern in Darkhaven, The End Hook, as well as Bart’s Arms, a weapon and armor store that is very expensive but high quality — known for making some of the most quality arms in Oldungannon.

He has five known children around Oldungannon, four sons and a daughter. He has no doubt sired many, many more, being a lifelong man of power as well as a rapist.

The eldest two sons are half-elves, Bargrus and Malonnar, born of an elf he enslaved and eventually choked to death. Bargrus has been groomed as heir apparent to Bart’s little empire, including his ship, Blackwind.

Then there are Evan (estranged), Raufmyn (somewhat favored), and Itisha (betrothed and intends on leaving for Xor’Gard after the wedding).

Though Bargrus was raised mostly on Blackwind, the last few years has seen him mostly landlocked and running Bart’s holdings while Bart’s away at sea.

Bart the Bastard

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