Felyssa Ravensby

The Rum must flow.



Flirty, outgoing, easy going, friendly, somewhat ditsy sorceress. Fledgeling artist.


Bartender and sometime whore for The Rum River. She is available only to very select customers, and for a very high price.

She is rather obsessively in love with Wesley “the Wraith” Belltower. She is putty in his hands. He does sometimes bed her when he’s in Darkhaven. His general apathy about her (he has general apathy about everything) can make a right mess of her sometimes, particularly as he leaves port.

Felyssa and Chanel are quick to try to magically charm unruly or overly rowdy customers who are not deemed appropriate marks by Flint or Yvara. Failure in this endeavor can quickly lead to ultraviolence at the hands of Flint and/or Rokar.

Felyssa Ravensby

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