Harold the Whisperer

Captain of Silent Insanity


Low talker. Enigmatic, eccentric, curious. Doesn’t speak much typically, and has a tendency to talk with his hands whenever he can get away with it. Passionate about exotic animals, particularly giant birds and big cats. He’s kind to his crew, but his officers are grumpy about how much Harold pays himself out of the total take.


His ship is more of a garrison and trade ship than a pirate ship. His crew is relatively untested in combat. He’s been instrumental in landing some big trade deals for Yvara with Orides, Eastpoint, Seahaven, Jarton, and Magdonnar. He has secured tight relationships with many of the tieflings in the aforementioned cities. He’s secured a reputation as a tiefling lover, and has indeed sometimes hosted a horned lady in his cabin while visiting aforementioned ports.

Harold the Whisperer

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