Jenny Freakeyes

Captain of The Future.


Priestess of Aura. Shy, unkempt, thoughtful, careful, optimist. Knowledge Cleric 8.


Sometimes her eyes will start to glow, roll back in her head, and she’ll go into prophecy mode. She doesn’t remember what she does when this happens.

She’s not really a pirate. Her ship is usually involved in transport and trade runs, or kept in Darkhaven’s port as garrison. Further, her ship is notorious for the great speeds it can achieve by her crew, but would not fare well in an all out brawl with a salty, tough opposing squad. That said, Jenny has captained her in a few altercations in prior inter-boss wars for Yvara, crushing victories all, as she is brilliant at using the ship’s speed to never get caught, while whittling the opposing ship down with long range artillery or spell shenanigans.

She shares a passion for legends with fellow captain Shanina.

Jenny Freakeyes

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