Jorkron Ratchewer

Martial trainer of the children of Ghorzia


Expansive, content, realistic, reasonable, unambitious, fiercely loyal to Bloodhaven. Battlemaster 11.


Spent 40 years in the Bloodhavian military. Retired in 903.

Was stranded on a deserted island once for 2 years due to a shipwreck. Sole survivor. Lived on rats for the most part.

The last ten years of his service he was assigned to bodyguard a court emissary, which made him being a very well traveled orc ultimately.

In 903 he made it to the semi-finals in the soldier’s melee tournament. He lost to the ultimate champ, a battle that cost him his eye.

Ghorzia met him at court and they hit it off well, leading her to tap him for the training position for her kids. Over the course of the year’s training, Ghorzia and Jorkron became lovers. Neither behaved differently due to it, other than Ghorzia spent a lot more time topless around the family home.

Jorkron Ratchewer

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