Shanina Conway

Captain of Twilight's Mystery


Enthusiastic, foul-mouthed and cautious. Ponderous, truthful.


Her husband, the former captain of her ship, Ordravius Conway, just recently met his end. Shanina was his first mate and was appointed captain by Yvara.

Her battle prowess is a little dubious, but her crew approves of her for the most part, and she has already proven she is a great tactician.

She is an extravagant spender and has immediately built a reputation as being very equitable in booty sharing.

She’s got a passion for learning legends and lore, and has quite a store of knowledge of them in her head. She’s got a fairly impressive little library on her ship.

Wesley and Shanina are fairly close. Shanina is pretty brazen in her advances to him, and it’s rumored they’ve had a very long and checkered sexual history (even while she was married).

Shanina Conway

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