Teagan "Deathfuck" Thompson

I mean... Deathfuck.


31 years old. She can be rough and overbearing, but is very diplomatic when the chips are down.


Her roots are in Tothland, and she speaks a harshly accented mix of Tothlander and cant-infused Zarran. She tends to fling around words from all three languages, and can be difficult to understand at times for people not fluent in all three tongues.

For the past three years she’s the Captain of The Golden Galley, the temple of Magdon in Darkhaven. The building is built, surprise, like a gilded galley — one street over from the southern docks. Three years ago the former headmaster, the venerable Grovar the Thumb (so named b/c he was missing his left thumb, and was also ultra skilled at keeping everyone in the city, even the pirate captains and admirals, under his thumb) died of a heart attack fucking Teagan.

Grovar had a meticulous will — orchestrated a massively complex and intricate set of trials and contests to determine who would inherit his fortune and lead the clergy. The temple of Aura oversaw the whole thing as a neutral arbiter and executor. Teagan won the competition. At first she didn’t really want the post, but it fast grew on her.

She’ll bed just about anyone of any gender she thinks is a good fuck, guy or girl, but rarely keeps a lover beyond a brief fling.

She is fanatical in her faith, and is quick to claim Magdon is who truly holds her heart. Sometimes she’ll just disappear on her ship, The Ride, which after Grovar’s death can bring some private snickers when mentioned in inebriated circles, and not return for a few months, all but abandoning her post with the church with no warning.

Teagan takes all the jokes and her nickname in good stride, even with pride.

She is a spender. She overnight became filthy rich from Grovar’s inheritance, and Teagan is frivolous in how she spends it.

She has the past three years brought the clergy of Aura, the Twins, and Magdon very close together. She frequently meets with the other headmasters to discuss town matters and agree on community planning.

She’s been a vocal critic of Bart, and has earned his enmity.

Teagan "Deathfuck" Thompson

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