Torgra Wildheart

Captain of the Seeker


Fearless and savage in combat (barbarian/fighter mix, sailor background).

Appearance: youthful, rough
Sanity: unstable
Traits: obsessive, malevolent, cautious (as far as trusting people), contrary
Personality: hostile
Disposition: unfeeling
Intellect: active
Honesty: average
Interests: husbandry


Her village was raided, she was enslaved when she was very young. She ultimately slew the captain that enslaved her and took over his ship, then willingly joined Yvara Dralmoth’s fleet.

Torgra’s crew is pretty green. She’s had a few reckless sea victories that nearly got her whole crew wiped out each time. Torgra herself is a wrecking ball in combat, but has had a difficult time learning the patience and tactics necessary to win battles decisively. Yvara gets frustrated with her, but since she technically owns The Seeker, she maintains the captain’s position.

Torgra Wildheart

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