Yvara Dralmoth

Pirate admiral of Darkhaven


Soft-hearted to down-on-their luck women, funny and fun loving, coarse, often bored, leaning neurotic. She can be ruthless when she needs to be from a Machiavellian standpoint.



Great-granddaughter of Gordan and Usara. 30 years old. Older sister of Jordan Dralmoth. She’s basically the queenpin of Nighthaven in Oldungannon. She has 9 warships she’s proud of, and her flagship pride and joy is The Unruly Bitch, but her whole owned navy is closer to 30.

Yvara used to live for danger and was unabashedly reckless. As her luck held out and her business empire and reputation expanded, she has tempered her recklessness, is more cautious, and is less a feared pirate than a businesswoman and even a political ruler of sorts, of late.

She has quite a gaggle of women that owe her their lives, comprising her soldiers, employees, and prostitutes. Yvara has gone out of her way to make sure that she had a very surprising and noteworthy number of women under her command, an oddity in the patriarchal, violent atmosphere of Oldungannon as a whole.

A lot of rumors float behind her back that she is a lesbian, but they have no firm backing. Yvara at first glance does seem to be rather asexual. She has no known lovers, nor has she as far back as anyone can remember. There are rumors that she has carried on a secret love life with her sister Jordan Dralmoth, and/or Chanel Divinity, and/or her #1 Iris “the Solid”, and/or Kate Shanker. Yvara is quick to laugh this off as rumormongering by her rivals and/or insecure men intimidated by her feminine ferocity.

Her eight other ships, descending in order of battle reputation:

The Secret captained by Iris.

Brutality captained by Zorby Antonzy.

The Flawless Executioner captained by Wesley “the Wraith” Belltower.

Twilight’s Mystery captained by Shanina Conway

The Future captained by Jenny Freakeyes.

Silent Insanity captained by Harold the Whisperer

The Seeker captained by Torgra Wildheart.

The Whore of the Sea captained by Falcon Xintellus

Yvara Dralmoth

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