Morrigan History

Keeping the date flexible just in case. Solo campaign launched mid-late winter in Jusanne. Morrigan witnessed the death of Yotisi, and quickly fell in with Joren. They decided to leave Jusanne, met up with Baron Akman’s trade caravan as it prepared to leave for Orides. Bricks is the man in charge of security.

Joren is abandoning his post and will therefore become a fugitive. He’ll make sure he gives his good friend Azelee a head’s up, and she’ll jump at the chance to travel.

Mo Anzeige and Kari are tagging along with the caravan for protection.

Session 8/26/16: Morrigan met Ezaron Millwraith, having heard Akman’s “Mr. Millwraith” greeting. She trailed him, he confronted her, she took the researching family history angle and stated a link to the Millwraiths, stated her name was “Morrigan Green.” He was dubious. Nothing really learned about what exactly his link is with Akman.

The two half-orc agents of Vandorn were afoot in the tavern, and there was all the detecting of thoughts shenanigans that went down. The agents hauled ass north ultimately, Morrigan managed to cut them off, engaged them briefly, then disengaged and got away. Akman is appropriately concerned about the danger to him and his if he simply pushes north anyway, given all givens. They will be lingering in Crest for a while, staying at the tavern called “The Pit.” Morrigan earned Bricks’ respect, who nevertheless urged Akman to sever ties with her, but Akman doesn’t roll that way.

Akman wants to alter his arrangements to make sure that he is valuable to Vandorn as insurance, which will keep the whole procession mired in Crest for a handful of days. They linger in town, met w/ the lord, arranged for an escort to Brennerton. The very night the agreement with the Lord of Crest was procured, Morrigan was beat down and kidnapped in her room at The Pit from Threnorr, Shovaan, etc. They left Joren alive but mauled in the room. Threnorr, Raylaan, and Threnorr’s bodyguard break off with the cage-wagon to bring Morrigan to Vandorn and their queen.

Morrigan met the queen, confessed to drawing powers from Sargeras, agreed to stay essentially under house arrest as an “honored guest,” the alternative being a prisoner.

Morrigan History

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