Oldungannon is two islands some 350 miles northeast of Orides. It has long been a haven for pirates. It was once home to an ancient Viking-like society, which peaked in the Age of Magic. The reasons for the fall of that civilization are yet unknown.

An explorer captain loosely affiliated with and in part financed by the crown of Strongal named Boris Beskimi “discovered” Oldungannon and mapped the islands out in the 4th century. He fell in love with the savage wilds and ultimately retired there. To this day, the Beskimi family is very wealthy, and very influential. The Beskimi family are ranchers (taking advantage of the native sheep, goats, and wooly, obstinate bovines of the land usually called “rugs” … ), butchers, cooks, bakers, and food merchants, responsible almost entirely for keeping all of Oldungannon fed. They are by far the largest land “owning” family of the isles, and their shops are littered in the major cities (save Dreadmar). Strongal to this day claims Oldungannon as part of their kingdom, but they have no hand in the day to day ruling of the isles, though they do conduct some trade there, with the tacit nod from the various pirate leaders.

There is an adult red dragon that lairs on the largest peak (a volcano called Drok’s Demise) of the inner island, Xokezzivyn the Howler (called the Chaos Singer by her Yashytra-worshipping followers). Boris Beskimi’s friend, a half orc named Drok, met his end at the volcano (relatively inactive — last eruption pre-dated Boris’ arrival) while they were exploring the isles. In his twilight years, Boris assembled a band of old stalwarts and left to slay the dragon, who had been a constant plague on Boris’ attempts at settling the isles. They never returned, but Boris left behind a large family that continued to build the family businesses. Xokezzivyn today lives in relative harmony with the people of Oldungannon, extracting a sizable “peace tax” from the sundry pirate captains and admirals in return for not unleashing hot fury. She has a clan of fire giants that serve her in her lair, and she has a cult of followers spread out in the cities ensuring her taxes get collected. A temple of Yashytra in Magdonnar serves her as well. Xokezzivyn frequently can be spotted in flight around Oldungannon. She is Drovozar’s sister. The Beskimi family has long desired to see Xokezzivyn fall, to secure their patron ancestor’s revenge.

Oldungannon has five major cities, all of them port cities. None of them boast written law. The exception is the constitution so happily ignored in Magdonnar. Anarchy and surivival of the fittest are the names of the game. But there are most certainly rules that are usually followed. Each city has territory divided up among bosses. The bosses extract taxes from businesses and land-claiming families for protection, in addition to taxes that Xokezzivyn collects.

The largest city is Magdonnar (some 50,000 people), situated at the mouth of the largest river of the isles, the Talonflow, so named as the first major map ever made of the island by Boris revealed the tributaries and the river to look like a talon. After the gnomish troubles, Jass went out of his way to help relocate a number of tieflings to Magdonnar (see Ninth Century entry). Some of them became integral to the new government of the republic. Temples: Magdon, Yashytra, Or’Dukall, Flairra, Glimmerdin.

The next largest is Darkhaven (35,000 or so), located on the east shores of Beskimi Bay, Oldungannon’s largest island’s westernmost city. The most influential person in Darkhaven is Yvara Dralmoth, a pirate admiral and descendent of Gordan and Usara. Yvara owns many shops in Darkhaven, is an infamous moneylender, and owns The Rum River, the city’s largest inn and tavern that also serves as her headquarters. The inn itself is massive, located right off the docks, and Yvara has secured all the nearby buildings as well, and connected their upper levels with rope bridges, turning the place into a haphazard compound. Another legendary tavern, one Yvara does not own, is Wogran’s Hair — a landlocked two masted schooner that once served as Wogran’s vessel. It’s an unofficial private club — only captains and admirals are served. It’s a mere stone’s throw from The Rum River. Temples: Magdon, the Twins, Aura.

Darkhaven has five bosses. Yvara is the most influential with the most territory. Bart the Bastard, Mr. Graki, Minerva Redlace, and Mortimer Manstar are the others, in descending order of territory and influence.

The third largest is Highwatch Point (18,000 or so), usually just called Highwatch. It is located on the smaller, westernmost island of Oldungannon. Kate Shanker is arguably the most influential person in Highwatch, famous for its massive Highwatch Tower, the region’s oldest, largest lighthouse (construction joint-financed by the Beskimis and Strongal). Temples: Magdon, Qivos.

The fourth largest is the major island’s northernmost city, Vunstorria (population 13k-ish). A lot of Tothlander cultural influence apparent, stemming from Boris’ first mate and Tothlander Robert Sheerin. The city was built on top of the buried ruined city from the ancient native civilization. Sergey Samuilov lords over the city with an iron fist. The Beskimis have a long-standing feud with Sergey. Temples: Magdon, Xu’Dann, Iccitha, Feyzura.

Last, there is Dreadmar in the northeast, where Zendakai “Dreadheart” lairs with his ghoulish crew. Temples (now ruins): Vey’Ghul, Or’Dukall.

There is a major sea current that wraps around the frozen north on the mainland, and then swerves south and east. Sometimes this current will bring in chunks of ice to make ship travel hazardous around Oldungannon, especially in its western waters. This is one contributing factor to a large number of sunken ships and grounded shipwrecks sprinkled about the isles.


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