Prism History

Begin 4/7/905.
Next scene: 10 P.M ish. Xyv, Vel, Zan sitting together. Vel looks far off. Zan is showing Xyv papers with charts on them. Ned Rodei is at the bar. Tree is barkeep. Huge common room surreal in its emptiness. Ned looks awfully drunk. He smiles at Prism, taps his blaster. “Well if it isn’t my blaster buddy Lady Prism.” He downs something brown.*

She side eyes him at the comment, and sits at the bar not far from him and studies the 3 elves (and the papers). “Where is everyone?” (directed at Ned).

Ned: “Most reasonable people are sleeping or fucking I imagine.” Tree shifts down with a toothy grin and asks: “Need a drink?”

She looks at the alcohol wistfully and quickly shakes her head no. “Nope.” She turns back to the elves, but isn’t really watching them.

*Ned has a cheerful grin and is staring into Prism’s eyes. Tree clears his throat. Ned: “Ah, yes, minty brother here was literally offering. Tree, she’s a perfectly reasonable human … ah… being. Perfectly reasonable to look at.” Tree blushes a bit, “20 gold and you can have a drink. I’m a druid, you know.” … while Ned continues, a bit more muttering. “Perfectly reasonable to bed, I am literally certain.” His eyes wander around Prism’s body a bit.

P turns to regard Tree. “Is that a standing offer?” Hearing Ned trail on, she turns to look at him. “Do what now?”

Ned: You’re a stunning beauty. Same time, Tree: “Probably. Need to save money.” … Ned goes on: “Unrelated, I am drunk. Maybe I should be locked up, somebody should call the sheriff. Oh wait, that’s me.” He grins. So pleased.

P facepalms a bit at Ned. Toward Tree: “Fair enough. Perhaps I will come back when I need a drink. Not tonight, though.”

Tree leaves to see if the elves need anything. Ned nods at them. “That lot seems pretty serious. Been at it for hours.”

“No big surprise there. Any idea what they are on about?” She turns to watch the elves again.

“Nope, sure don’t. Barely standing room in here this morning. Guess everybody made plans and got to them.”

“Did they. Was Tabaxi, Lezarous, or any other that went out with us here this morning?”

“Tabaxi ran off with some of the other Celestran elves. Lados went back to Orides, I heard. Don’t know about the others.”

“Hmm. That was quick. "

“Pardon me.” Ned like lightning smashes his glass down, snatches some Prism hair, and smells it. ((What’s it smell like?))

((Probably like outside, she was just on that adventure…)) “What the fuck are you doing?”

He lets it go. “Sniffing. I thought maybe…” He looks away despondently. “Maybe it would arouse. You’re you, after all. But alas, my mind will not forget the lack of requit.” His merry visage transforms into something dark. He sighs.

Prism History

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