Vey'Ghul's Pantheon

My first draft of the new pantheon setup is here: Warlocks.

CSAEA, Vey’Ghul, Cathexes, Inc. came to a settlement following two court cases b/w C, I and Vey’Ghul. CSAEA, Vey’Ghul, Quellaxu can each pick eleven level 2 Gods.

Vey’Ghul is exiled to this dimension, but had a major hand in setting up the pantheon and political structure.

33 Level 2 Gods


Level 3

Level 2
Vey’Ghul’s picks:


CSAEA picks:

1 Dianizia
2 Xera
3 Xavier
4 Sonja
5 Valerris
6 Katarina
7 Freyja
8 Svene
9 Marianna
10 Jasmine
11 Estarra Myst

Quellaxu picks:

Azraea (Savant),
Jass Felmar
Kylyshivé Luré’Llasalla (Savant by Zumuki).
Kiki Steelheart

Name: ‎CSAEA
Age: ‎unknown
Deity Level:‎ unknown
Alignment: ‎N
Race:‎ Artifact Supercomputer
Promoted by:‎ n/a
Promoted: Dzarkhan’s 11 children.
Can Sponsor:‎ all druids, bards, rangers, ancients and devotion paladins
Pact: ‎druids must be any neutral. Protect Celestra and her manna trees.

CSAEA Pact: be anything but Lg and Ce, protect Celestra and her manna trees.

CSAEA clerics are Nature. Pact: be N, protect Celestra and her manna trees.

CSAEA pact for ancient paladins must not be Lg or Ce, protect Celestra and her manna trees.

CSAEA pact everything else: must protect Celestra and her manna trees.

All Moon Druids pact with Aura, The Sword, or a Lunar Celestran Elf.

CSAEA warlocks are Great Old One chain variant
1: entangle, cure wounds
2: hold person, locate object
3: conjure animals, dispel magic
4: conjure woodland beings, conjure minor elementals
5: mass cure wounds, greater restoration

Level 3

Quellaxu, First Queen of Celestra (Nature, Guardian Clerics, shadow monks open hand monks, ancients paladins, devotion paladins, rangers)
Celestran Fairy Vampire (turned directly by Vey’Ghul), 11,000+ years old.
Pact: Protect the manna trees.

Warlocks are Fey blade variant or Fey blade by book:
1: fairie fire, sleep
2: calm emotions, detect thoughts
3: conjure animals, protection from energy
4: dominate beast, greater invisibility
5: dominate person, reincarnate

Guardian Clerics and Quellaxu-pacted Warlocks get their choice of above or Nature cleric list as domain spells.

Vey’Ghul, Dictator of Celestra (planet, not nation)
Race: Vampire Savant Trueborn God.

Vey’Ghul can sponsor all classes.

Clerics and Warlocks of Vey’Ghul must choose one of Vey’Ghul’s personalities, based on the many gods he has consumed. Pick one aspect: Vey’Ghul (death, Ne), Ukula (mutation, Ne), Goringall, (strength, Ne), Qivos (tempest, Le), Flairra (fire, Le, Ne), Iccitha (ice, N, Ln, Le), Besuel (mirth, Ng), Or’Dukall (air, Ln, Ng), D’Khaz (war, Cn, Le), Kezza (knowledge, N, Ng, Ne), Feyzura (trickery, Ne).

Pact: Must be required alignment, depending on which aspect of Vey’Ghul you draw power from, and become a vampire.

Goringall the Giant
Trueborn God
Pact: Be evil, become a legend.
Can sponsor rangers, vengeance paladins, valor bards.

Clerics are Strength, a War variant.
1: wrathful smite, thunderous smite
2: barkskin, branding smite
3: elemental weapon, blinding smite
4: staggering smite, stoneskin
5: banishing smite, destructive smite

Warlocks are Fiend blade variant:
1: wrathful smite, thunderous smite
2: barkskin, branding smite
3: elemental weapon, blinding smite
4: staggering smite, stoneskin
5: banishing smite, destructive smite

Vampire Savant Trueborn God
Pact: Work to change good people evil. Vey’Ghul gives option to turn you into vampire per MM. Vey’Ghul’s presence on Celestra cause all undead to regenerate 1 hp/round, planet wide.
Can sponsor any class.

Clerics of Vey’Ghul are Death (in DMG). Must be Ne.

Warlocks are Great Old One chain or tome variant, must be any neutral:

1: sanctuary, protection from evil and good
2: hold person, silence
3: animate dead, speak with dead, revivify, sending, protection from energy (choice of 2)
4: death ward, divination
5: animate object, dominate person

A person can pact w/ the other Old Gods that Vey’Ghul has consumed.

Ukula the Mutated One
Trueborn God
Pact: Be self-sufficient and evil.
Can sponsor valor bards and vengeance paladins.

Clerics are Mutation or Trickery. Mutation is a Trickery variant.

Both her Clerics and Warlocks have the following:

1: disguise self, tasha’s hideous laughter
2: spider climb, detect thoughts
3: slow, nondetection
4: Evard’s black tentacles, polymorph
5: passwall, cloudkill

Warlocks follow Great Old One blade by the PHB.

Pact: Serve Feyzura to claw to the top.

Clerics are Trickery

Warlocks can be any of any type, and Clerics have their choice of Trickery Cleric spells or illusion wizard spells.

Vey’Ghul has outlawed Pacting with Feyzura.

D’Khaz the Battle Lord
Pact: Horses are sacred. Now fight.
Can sponsor all casters.

Clerics are War.
Warlocks are blade fiends, war cleric domain spells their extended spells, choice of any cleric spell if it’s already a lock spell.

Trueborn God (halfling)
Pact: non-evil. Don’t worry. Be happy.

Besuel can sponsor bards, rangers and devotion paladins (your homeland).

Clerics are Life.

Warlocks are Fey blade variant.


Pact: Never stop learning and writing.
Can sponsor bards.
Clerics are Knowledge. Locks are tome Fey.
Locks pick knowledge cleric spells, or their choice if already a lock spell.

Trueborn God (half giant, half human)
Pact: Buy a boat.
Can sponsor valor bards, vengeance paladins, hunter rangers.
Or’Dukall clerics are Tempest.

Locks are blade Great Old One variant:

1: fog cloud, thunderwave
2: cloud of daggers (ice dmg), gust of wind
3: gaseous form, lightning bolt
4: ice storm, dimension door
5: cloudkill, cone of cold (bludgeoning damage via raw air blast)

Qivos the Fury
Race: Unique Dragon Demigoddess
(note: my blue dragonborns can have Qivosian blood, which makes them a variant. They become a Large creature with wings, gain 30 fly, must pick fire, ice, or gas for elemental breath attack.)
Can sponsor any blue dragonborn caster, valor bards, beastmaster rangers, vengeance paladins.

Clerics are Tempest
Pact: Be chaotic or Le and break something every day. Bigger the better.

Warlocks are Fiend chain variant:

1: thunderwave, thunderous smite
2: shatter, gust of wind
3: haste, lightning bolt
4: ice storm, stoneskin
5: cone of cold, cloudkill (as lightning dmg).

Iccitha ( Ice)
Demigoddess (human)
Pact: Ng, N, Ln, or Le.
Sponsors ice monks, hunter rangers, vengeance paladins
Clerics are Ice clerics.

Warlocks are Fiend tome variant:
1: ray of frost, freezing hands (see burning hands, but cold dmg, can extinguish small fires)‎
‎2: fog cloud, skin freeze (does 2d4 dmg and Con save or paralyzed for 1d2 rounds, each slot higher adds ‎‎1d4 dmg and another round of paralysis)‎
‎3: sleet storm, water walk (leaves frozen footprints on water)‎
‎4: ice storm, misty step
‎5: cone of cold, channel ice (counterpart to channel flame)‎

Demigoddess (human)
Pact: Conquer land.
Sponsors Fire Monks and rangers.

Fire Cleric and Fiend chain lock, lock has fire cleric extended spells:

Vey'Ghul's Pantheon

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