Vey’Ghul has cut a deal with Cathexes, Incorporated, and they have ceded him this dimension and control of the Pantheon through CSAEA. The caveat is he had to allow Quellaxu 16 deity picks, leaving Vey’Ghul 16. Then the dimension is time locked.

All bards, clerics, druids, monks, paladins, rangers, warlocks must make a pact to a patron to get their magical abilities.

Vey’Ghul picks: Allo, Agazar, Alvordis, Vyzmyll, Jezraellé, Travosk Synnvol, Lorrgrok, Zumuki, Prism, Aravella, Cyn, Freyja, Valerris, Kavalla, Sonja, Magdon. Then he cheats and brings in Ellarie, Vex, Vengeance, The Sword, Kyv and the rest of Dzarkhan’s kids as merely present.

Quellaxu picks CSAEA, Quellaxu, Azraea (Savant), Kyumi, Elangeline, Vel, Xyv, Zan, Zhu, Kiki, Jass Felmar, Kylyshivé Luré’Llasalla (Savant by Zumuki). She responds to Vey’Ghul’s cheating with Pryme’s help to cheat and brings in Pryme and the eleven Celestial Fairies, Mirae, andLhané Soulvine as Level 2 Gods. Vey’Ghul cheated, right? His response: I brought in 3 daughters and Dzarkhan’s kids, that’s a win for everyone. Meanwhile Quellaxu isn’t sure the greater danger: Vey’Ghul or the N’Kthlakza.

Vey’Ghul floods in his favorite ladies and historical figures and makes them level 2 Gods in response to cheating in response to his cheating on the agreement with C, I then slams down a timelock. In setting up this dimension, he showed his hand in that he has access to the Chaos Stone and knows how to use it. It made Quellaxu frown.

On 4/20/905, the night of his release, his sea army conquered all coastal communities on every continent. He personally slew everyone in Orides except Jass Felmar, and wiped out Felmar’s army while doing it. He was being held in prison by C, I awaiting trial resolution. C, I had charged Vey’Ghul with unnecessary evil, and Vey’Ghul’s lawyers sued C, I for unlawful imprisonment. Anyway, in a court settlement, Vey’Ghul got this current dimension and went to work. Overall, he just wants population to grow. He cedes a ton of coastal cities to people as he appoints the rulers. There’s not much fuss from the nation-states about he sets things up. Most realize that Vey’Ghul cannot be matched in battle presently.

Vey’Ghul makes three laws:

**This planet is called Celestra and Vey’Ghul is its Dictator. All city and state rulers vassal to Vey’Ghul.

Celestra’s States will enjoy 1% population growth annually or Vey’Ghul will slay those most in the way.

Only vampires may own slaves.**

Vey’Ghul concedes back a lot of coastal cities in his political redistribution. Kings and Queens are dictators of their state. Lords are dictators of cities, politically considered a state.

Vey’Ghul makes himself King of Necros, Apraia, Sekella, Salimar, Dagoon. All his citizens can become a vampire if they want to. Allo gets many lands in another continent via gnolls, and Zhandimar. Agazar is King of Xoll. Alvordis is Lord of Karaedtlere. Aravella is Queen of Law and Charnos. Jezraellé is Queen of Luthgar, Zolcan, and Vandorn. Prism is Lord of Orides. Travosk is King of Vrak’Dann. Lorrgrok is King of Drak’Dann. Zumuki is Lord of Kenston. Ellarie is Queen of Bloodhaven, but Strategy Tournament winners (currently Caed) are King ‘til Ellarie turns 25. Freyja is Queen of Saradynn and Nayonia. Vyzmyll is Queen of Iveria. Cyn Queen of Karthuin. Jass Felmar is King of Blingellum (but his precious Bank is the only thing other than the Indigo Bliss standing in Orides after Vey’Ghul’s wrath. Kiki Steelheart is Queen of Ghan’Thadarunn. Zhu is Queen of Lu Xao. Azraea is Queen of Urev and Whitewood. Kyumi is Queen of Xor’Gard. Qivalla is Queen of River. Kylyshivé Luré’Llasalla is Queen of Llelliava and Gadoobadu. Lhané replaces Wu’Deb as Queen of the Jungle. Sonja becomes Queen of the North. Mirae becomes Lord of Seapoint and Arkas. Valerris becomes Queen of Valakiss. Kavalla becomes Queen of Dematoria. Magdon is afoot and pantheon, King of Oldungannon, Lord of the The Black Coast, Teshmar, and Molvor. V’G makes Syla a level 1 goddess and gives her Baloria.

Those are the 33 level 2 Gods. They all gain one level in Cleric and one in Warlock, regardless of multiclass ability requirements. They gain one level per respective 1 million followers.

Each level 2 God can pick 11 people to be a level 1 God. Level 1 gods gain one level in warlock and they can create warlocks that follow them for a Pact. Every mil followers, gain a level in warlock. If already 20 in warlock, pick another class.

Vey’Ghul and Quellaxu can make level 1 Gods at will. Vey’Ghul makes all dragons and dragonborn level 1 Gods (that’s his Fury aspect throwing will around).

Travosk makes Lezarous a level 1. Quellaxu makes Daine, Jourandis, Titus, Charek, Tabaxi, Caed, Ghorzia, many others a level 1 God.

CSAEA (land druids, ancients paladins, open hand monks, elemental monks, Nature clerics, all rangers)
Sentient Artifact
Can sponsor anything.

Pact: Land druids must be any neutral. Protect Celestra and her manna trees.

CSAEA warlocks are Great Old One chain variant
1: entangle, cure wounds
2: hold person, locate object
3: conjure animals, dispel magic
4: conjure woodland beings, conjure minor elementals
5: mass cure wounds, greater restoration

CSAEA Pact: be anything but Lg and Ce, protect Celestra and her manna trees.

CSAEA clerics are Nature. Pact: be N, protect Celestra and her manna trees.

CSAEA pact for ancient paladins must not be Lg or Ce, protect Celestra and her manna trees.

CSAEA pact everything else: must protect Celestra and her manna trees.

All Moon Druids pact with Aura, The Sword, or a Lunar Celestran Elf.

Pact: Be neutral or good. Make dreams come true. Aura is no longer Pantheon, and PCs cannot be warlocks or clerics under her.
Can sponsor all rangers, paladins, and bards.

Vey’Ghul, Dictator of Celestra (planet, not nation)
Race: Vampire Savant Trueborn God.

Vey’Ghul can sponsor all classes.

Clerics and Warlocks of Vey’Ghul must choose one of Vey’Ghul’s personalities, based on the many gods he has consumed. Pick one aspect: Vey’Ghul (death, Ne), Ukula (mutation, Ne), Goringall, (strength, Ne), Qivos (tempest, Le), Flairra (fire, Le, Ne), Iccitha (ice, N, Ln, Le), Besuel (mirth, Ng), Or’Dukall (air, Ln, Ng), D’Khaz (war, Cn, Le), Kezza (knowledge, N, Ng, Ne), Feyzura (trickery, Ne).

Pact: Must be required alignment, depending on which aspect of Vey’Ghul you draw power from, and become a vampire.

Goringall the Giant
Trueborn God
Pact: Be evil, become a legend.
Can sponsor rangers, vengeance paladins, valor bards.

Clerics are Strength, a War variant.
1: wrathful smite, thunderous smite
2: barkskin, branding smite
3: elemental weapon, blinding smite
4: staggering smite, stoneskin
5: banishing smite, destructive smite

Warlocks are Fiend blade variant:
1: wrathful smite, thunderous smite
2: barkskin, branding smite
3: elemental weapon, blinding smite
4: staggering smite, stoneskin
5: banishing smite, destructive smite

Vampire Savant Trueborn God
Pact: Work to change good people evil. Vey’Ghul gives option to turn you into vampire per MM. Vey’Ghul’s presence on Celestra cause all undead to regenerate 1 hp/round, planet wide.
Can sponsor any class.

Clerics are Death (in DMG). Must be Ne.

Warlocks are Great Old One chain or tome variant, must be any neutral:

1: sanctuary, protection from evil and good
2: hold person, silence
3: animate dead, speak with dead, revivify, sending, protection from energy (choice of 2)
4: death ward, divination
5: animate object, dominate person

Ukula the Mutated One
Trueborn God
Pact: Be self-sufficient and evil.
Can sponsor valor bards and vengeance paladins.

Clerics are Mutation or Trickery. Mutation is a Trickery variant.

Both her Clerics and Warlocks have the following:

1: disguise self, tasha’s hideous laughter
2: spider climb, detect thoughts
3: slow, nondetection
4: Evard’s black tentacles, polymorph
5: passwall, cloudkill

Warlocks follow Great Old One blade by the PHB.

Pact: Serve Feyzura to claw to the top.

Clerics are Trickery
Warlocks can be any of any type, and has their choice of Trickery Cleric spells or illusion wizard spells.

Vey’Ghul has outlawed Pacting with Feyzura.

D’Khaz the Battle Lord
Pact: Horses are sacred. Now fight.
Can sponsor all casters.

Clerics are War.
Warlocks are blade fiends, war cleric domain spells their extended spells, choice of any cleric spell if it’s already a lock spell.

Trueborn God (halfling)
Pact: non-evil. Don’t worry. Be happy.

Besuel can sponsor bards, rangers and devotion paladins (your homeland).

Clerics are Life.

Warlocks are Fey blade variant.


Pact: Never stop learning and writing.
Can sponsor bards.
Clerics are Knowledge. Locks are tome Fey.
Locks pick knowledge cleric spells, or their choice if already a lock spell.

Trueborn God (half giant, half human)
Pact: Buy a boat.
Can sponsor valor bards, vengeance paladins, hunter rangers.
Or’Dukall clerics are Tempest.

Locks are blade Great Old One variant:

1: fog cloud, thunderwave
2: cloud of daggers (ice dmg), gust of wind
3: gaseous form, lightning bolt
4: ice storm, dimension door
5: cloudkill, cone of cold (bludgeoning damage via raw air blast)

Qivos the Fury
Race: Unique Dragon Demigoddess
(note: my blue dragonborns can have Qivosian blood, which makes them a variant. They become a Large creature with wings, gain 30 fly, must pick fire, ice, or gas for elemental breath attack.)
Can sponsor any blue dragonborn caster, valor bards, beastmaster rangers, vengeance paladins.

Clerics are Tempest
Pact: Be chaotic or Le and break something every day. Bigger the better.

Warlocks are Fiend chain variant:

1: thunderwave, thunderous smite
2: shatter, gust of wind
3: haste, lightning bolt
4: ice storm, stoneskin
5: cone of cold, cloudkill (as lightning dmg).

Iccitha ( Ice)
Demigoddess (human)
Pact: Ng, N, Ln, or Le.
Sponsors ice monks, hunter rangers, vengeance paladins
Clerics are Ice clerics.

Warlocks are Fiend tome variant:
1: ray of frost, freezing hands (see burning hands, but cold dmg, can extinguish small fires)‎
‎2: fog cloud, skin freeze (does 2d4 dmg and Con save or paralyzed for 1d2 rounds, each slot higher adds ‎‎1d4 dmg and another round of paralysis)‎
‎3: sleet storm, water walk (leaves frozen footprints on water)‎
‎4: ice storm, misty step
‎5: cone of cold, channel ice (counterpart to channel flame)‎

Demigoddess (human)
Pact: Conquer land.
Sponsors Fire Monks and rangers.
Fire Cleric and Fiend chain lock, lock has fire cleric extended spells:

Race: human/lich
Pact: Build stuff that will stand the test of time.
Sponsors death clerics, knowledge clerics, lore bards, devotion paladins.

Allovandrosos, Captain of the Ghost Viper
Race: varies

Pact: be evil. Do whatever it takes to get what you want.

He can sponsor both Fiend and Great Old One warlocks per PHB rules. Trickery or Illusion Clerics.
Can sponsor bards.

Clerics of Illusion are Trickery variant:

1: illusory script, silent image
2: blur, alter self
3: nondetection, hypnotic pattern
4: polymorph, greater invisibility
5: mislead, seeming

His locks are Fey chain and can use either the Trickery cleric domain spells or the above as their extended spells.

Quellaxu, First Queen of Celestra (Nature, Guardian Clerics, shadow monks open hand monks, ancients paladins, devotion paladins, rangers)
Celestran Fairy Vampire (turned directly by Vey’Ghul), 11,000+ years old.
Pact: Protect the manna trees.

Warlocks are Fey blade variant or Fey blade by book:
1: fairie fire, sleep
2: calm emotions, detect thoughts
3: conjure animals, protection from energy
4: dominate beast, greater invisibility
5: dominate person, reincarnate

Guardian Clerics and Quellaxu-pacted Warlocks get their choice of above or Nature cleric list as domain spells.

Azraea, Queen of Urev and Whitewood
Vampire Savant by Vey’Ghul, Celestran Fairy
Can sponsor lore bards, all paladins, Fey locks by book.
Clerics are Trickery but can substitute any off her lock list.

Pact: Never harm a woman or spider. Warlocks Fey variant:

1: fairie fire, command
2: web, mirror image, spider climb (choice of 2)
3: conjure animals, fear
4: greater invisibility, dominate beast
5: dominate person, dream

Kyumi , Queen of Xor’Gard
Celestran Fairy, Vampire (turned by Quellaxu)
Pact: Kyumi is your general and she is at war against the N’Kthlakza. Also, bend in half to serve the draenei, tieflings, or Mirae. The N’Klath

Clerics are Tempest

Fey blade variant:
1: shocking grasp, burning hands (as lightning)
2: misty step, cloud of daggers (lightning)
3: lightning bolt, haste
4: wall of fire (as lightning), dimension door
5: teleportation circle, dominate person

Can sponsor lightning monks, air monks, shadow monks, vengeance paladins, ancients paladins, hunter rangers.

Elangeline, Queen of Celestra (nation, not the planet)
Celestran Fairy
Fey chain lock:
1: fairie fire, chromatic orb
2: invisibility, enthrall
3: clairvoyance, hypnotic pattern
4: greater invisibility, hallucinatory terrain
5: raise dead, teleportation circle

Clerics are Life or Light, and can interchange w/ the above list.

Jezraellé, Queen of Vandorn (Fire, Light)
Pact: Citizenship of Vandorn. 10% tithe to Vandorn. Most citizens of Vandorn are eager to team up with other citizens to take down foes. Vandorn is chock-full of fire clerics, fire monks, and fire sorcerers. Teaming up for great deeds pleases the Queen.

Clerics are Fire, Warlocks just follow Fiend locks per PHB

Aravella, Queen of Baloria and Law
Vampire, turned by pre-Savant Vey’Ghul

Cyn, Queen of Karthuin

Prism, Lord of Orides
Vampire Savant human, turned by Vex
Can sponsor bards.

Fiend lock tome variant:
1: magic missile
2: scorching ray
3: fireball
4: evard’s black tentacles
5: cone of cold, teleportation circle
Gain Lucky feat.

Clerics are the same.

Zumuki (turned by Prism)
Vampire Savant 1/8 elf, 1/8 human, 3/4 Drak’Danni Orc.
Pact: throw a party once a month.

Sponsors bards, devotion paladins (devoted to protecting parties).

Fey chain locks:
1: bless, purify food and drink
2: prayer of healing, silence
3: sending, create food and water
4: compulsion, confusion
5: dominate person, teleportation circle

Lorrgrok, King of Drak’Dann, King of Drak’Dann
Race: Vampire Savant Drak’Danni Orc, turned by Zumuki.
Pact: write one page a day, books go to Lorrgrok when you die. Buy your own damn books. Never steal a book.

Clerics are Knowledge.

Warlocks are Great Old One variant:

1: identify, detect magic
2: detect thoughts, arcane lock
3: sending, clairvoyance
4: mordenkainen’s private sanctum, arcane eye
5: legend lore, teleportation circle

Travosk Synnvol, King of Vrak’Dann, High Warlord of Blood Dawn (Chaos, Destiny)
Pact: be neutral.
Can sponsor shadow monks, all paladins, hunter rangers.
Clerics are Chaos or Destiny (Knowledge variant).

Warlocks are Great Old One blades:
Player picks one per spell level, rolls the other random every midnight on all spells reroll results that lock already has

Xyv, Lord of Shendon (Music, Politics)
High Elf Construct
Can sponsor bards.

Pact: work in the entertainment industry

Locks are Great Old One tome variant:

1: identify, detect magic
2: detect thoughts, phantasmal force
3: nondetection, sending
4: leomund’s secret chest, mordenkain’s private sanctum
5: teleportation circle, legend lore

Clerics are Knowledge variant that can lose one (player’s choice) of expanded spells levels 1-4 to gain one feat. They keep the level 5 spell selection.

Zan, King of Seth-ra (Knowledge, Politics)
High Elf Construct
Pact: Citizenship of Seth-ra. Promise to never tell a lie. Seth-ra can call you to battle.
Can sponsor bards.

Fey tome lock:

Sonja, Queen of the North
Pact: Do right by your community. If you don’t have one, build one.
Can sponsor all paladins, rangers, and valor bards.

Clerics can be Nature or War. Blade Fey Locks mirror Goringall’s lock spell list.

Valerris *Queen of Valakis
Daughter of Dzarkhan and Mystra.
Can sponsor all paladins, hunter rangers, and open hand monks.
Pact: Be neutral, reticent, and kill the bad bosses.

Clerics are War, but can give up all domain spells for choice of two feats. Locks are any blade. They can give up all extended spells for choice of two feats.

Freyja Queen of Nayonia and Saradynn
Daughter of Dzarkhan and Mystra.

Kavalla Queen of Dematoria

Vel, King of Copperton and Westwood (Chaos) He has the Tower of Misery under his control.
High Elf Construct
Pact: be chaotic.
Can sponsor Chaos Domain (Chaos) and Trickery clerics, bards.

Fiend chain locks:

Qivalla, Queen of River (Trickery)
Celestran Fairy Vampire (turned by Azraea).
Pact: Get intoxicated and have sex every day.
Can sponsor bards.

Clerics are Trickery

Fey chain variant. Follow Trickery list, if already a warlock spell, substitute with a bard spell.

Jass Felmar, King of Blingellum Wealth and Politics
Urban gnome.
Pact: Hold 25% of all coin and jewelry wealth in the Bank of Bling. This earns 5% interest. Upon death, your heir takes over the interest-making fund. A magic chest is given, which direct deposits to the Bank. Consider buying magic item insurance from him. For the low low price of 5% tax on all coin and jewelry wealth
Can sponsor lore bards. Clerics are Knowledge variants.

Locks are Great Old One tome variant:


Vex, Queen of Zolgus (resurrected by Vey’Ghul)
Demigoddess, Daughter of Vey’Ghul
Pact: Be Ne. Come see her in Zolgus and collect 2,000 gp.

Can sponsor bards and shadow monks.

Vengeance, Queen of West Vorland (resurrected by Vey’Ghul)
Pact: Kill with wreckless abandon.

Can sponsor open hand monks and paladins.

N’Kthlu, King of Airia (sponsored by Vengeance)
Pact: Airia is committed to Celestra, not the N’Kthlakza. Convince everyone. Be Neutral.

Can sponsor politics Clerics, war Clerics, blade or chain Fey locks, open hand monks, earth monks, rangers.

Ellarie, Heir-apparent Queen of Bloodhaven Fiend tome locks.


Kiki, Queen of Ghan’Thadarunn (Life, Politics) Great Old One
Pact: non-evil.
Sponsors earth monks, all paladins.
Clerics are Life.

Warlock picks Life cleric unless warlock already has it, then pick any cleric spell as substitute

Zhu, Queen of LuXao
Pact: join a military, don’t be chaotic.

Sponsors bards, monks, rangers, war clerics, knowledge clerics, paladins.

Locks are Fey blades and their expanded spell list matches War Cleric.

Level 1 Gods

Azraea the Younger
Vampire (turned by Quellaxu), Celestran Fairy
Chosen by Azraea.
Will only pact with women. Pact: collect women. Never harm a spider.

Fey chain variant:

1: fairie fire, command
2: web, mirror image, spider climb (choice of 2)
3: conjure animals, fear
4: greater invisibility, dominate beast
5: dominate person, dream

Boj Sephor the Chinmane
Celestran Wood Elf, Captain in the Celestran army.
Chosen by Quellaxu

Fiend variant:
1: burning hands, longstrider
2: pass without trace, scorching ray
3: lightning arrow (as fire), conjure barrage (fire)
4: stoneskin, wall of fire
5: conjure volley (fire), cone of cold (fire)

Charek, High Warlord of Logjammer, Lord of Stone Giants (Quell)
Vampire Savant Bloodhavian Orc, nephew to Caed.
Pact: Join us in Vrak’Dann and we’ll talk.



Lezarous, High Warlord of the Mindshatter

Fiend blade lock variant

Can sponsor Chaos, Knowledge, or War Clerics. Can sponsor Vengeance paladins. Can sponsor any red dragonborn.

Tower of Misery
Sentient Artifact Construct
Pact: Kill a human every day. Must be evil.
Can sponsor all casters.
Made level 1 God by Vel.

Vel has control of the Tower.

Fiend chain variant:
1: fog cloud, ray of sickness
2: darkness, cloud of daggers (psychic)
3: stinking cloud, protection from energy
4: banishment, blight
5: hold monster, conjure elemental

Caed, Regent-King of Bloodhaven (promoted by Quellaxu)
Race: Bloodhavian Orc
Pact: Try to learn history skill asap. Try to invent things.

Sponsors bards.

Chandrakkar, King of Xynndarra * * – Fire/Dominion. (son of Tru (as female red dragon) and Lazurgraz).
Sponsors Fire Clerics, all paladins, all red dragonborn.

Cseyli (promoted by Quellaxu)
((don’t forget the other heirophants))
Horgrim (promoted by Quellaxu)

Eylyntina (promoted by Quellaxu)
Celestran Fairy

Locks are Fey chain variant
1: entangle, cure wounds
2: barkskin, locate animals or plants
3: plant growth, speak with plants
4: grasping vine, conjure woodland beings
5: commune with nature, mass cure wounds

Great Old One tome variant,
1: detect magic, identify
2: detect thoughts, continual flame
3: magic circle, glyph of warding
4: Mordenkainen’s private sanctum, polymorph
5: animate objects, creation

Gordan Dralmoth (promoted by Freyja)
Vampire Savant human royalty, Chosen of Magdon.

J’Chyoora’Ukwa – Chaos/Canines. From Earth 0, High Warlord of Glory Throne
Sponsored by Travosk Synnvol

Vampire Celestran Fairy (turned by Quell)
General in the Celestran army.

Merle (sponsored by Xyv)* Barkeep and Master of Harem at Indigo Bliss
Mind Flayer
Vampire Savant (turned by Zumuki)
Pact: Pacifism.

Locks are chain Great Old One.

Quinshar the Dryad Queen (promoted by Quellaxu)
Race: Dryad
Pact: Pick a woods. Protect it.

Fey chain variant:
1: entangle, fairie fire
2: barkskin, spike growth
3: plants growth, speak with plants
4: grasping vine, freedom of movement
5: insect plague, commune with nature

Suvuunaas, High Warlord of Shadowtusk

Tabaxi (promoted by Quell)
(L)N, Captain in the Celestran army.
Can sponsor all paladins, rangers and valor bards.

*Titus Wolfwalker (promoted by Quell)

Can sponsor all paladins. Devotion paladins are devoted to battle.

Blade Fey locks, pick as war cleric, or any cleric spell if it’s already a lock spell.

Vrylorré Ryenlyvé (promoted by Quellaxu)
Race: Celestran Wood Elf, General in the Celestran army.
Can sponsor all rangers, all paladins.
Pact: Be Ln. Protect the manna trees.

Fey blade variant:
1: thunderous smite, shield of faith
2: spiritual weapon, enchance ability
3: spirit guardians, elemental weapon
4: staggering smite, guardian of faith
5: banishing smite, destructive smite

Amber, Celestran Archdruid, Feeder of Furdukai (promoted by Quell)
Human (immortal)
Pact: Get high all the time.

Can sponsor forest land druids, Nature Clerics.

Ayla “North”, Celestran Archdruid, Queen of Cloud Giants (promoted by Quell)
Human (immortal)
Pact: Be a folk hero.

Can sponsor mountain land druids, Nature clerics, air monks.

The Sword Queen of Luna
Human (immortal)
Pact: Become a citizen of Luna, get a free magical shield tattoo. 5% tithe to Luna. Allows purchase of Moon Dragon eggs.
Can sponsor ancients and vengeance paladins, bards, rangers, shadow monks.

Kyrdiv (sponsored by Vey’Ghul, also resurrected by him)
Vampire Savant human
Pact: Let us find the Chaos Stone. Have a pearl of power or 500 gp. Magical item sales are only to Kyrdiv.

Can sponsor anything.

Great Old One tome locks by the book.

Sellendria Graylore Queen of Selendorr (promoted by Quell)
Pact: Understand how the Chaos Stone functions.

Can sponsor lore bards, knowledge clerics, nature clerics.

[[:sye |
https://michael-s-earth-5e.obsidianportal.com/characters/sye]], Queen of Baloria
Queen of Baloria
Pact: Be libertarian.

Can sponsor valor bards.

Locks are fiend, blade.


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